Concepts and Models for Innovation Ecosystems of Digital Cultural Assets

     The project will conduct fundamental research in the areas of computer science, information and communication technology and partially in the humanities and social sciences with the goal of acquiring new knowledge on the fundamental causes of phenomena and observable facts in these areas without any direct commercial application or use. More specifically, the project is aimed at the search for and creation of new scientific knowledge and the achievement of fundamental results in the areas of big data, massive data mining, data management, data processing, data analytics, data visualization, etc. The work will concentrate on developing conceptual models, methods and tools based on analysis, synthesis and summary of best practices and approaches in the studied areas. For this purpose, the team will conduct extensive research and selection of approaches and solutions successful on a European and global scale in order to develop optimal and feasible conceptual models and methods of analysis, understanding, interpretation, context-dependent use and sharing of content in ecosystems for digital culture in new ways and through innovative means for fuller delivery of knowledge to digital collections and archives of cultural artefacts.

    The paradigm of digital ecosystems includes research oriented towards services with intensive use of knowledge, studying the impact of information content on the development and operation of the relevant system and accounting for it. These studies are also related to collective intelligence and ecology of knowledge in systems of interrelated digital knowledge resources, databases, experts and software modules.

     The project will stimulate pro-innovative research for technological provision of humanitarian and social sciences and their contemporary perspectives, as well as the development of digital technologies for creative and re-creative industry. This will ensure broad multidisciplinary research on cultural heritage in Bulgaria in cooperation and co-production of knowledge in various areas and communities of researchers and users.

Research project No. DN02/06/15.12.2016 Concepts and Models for Innovation Ecosystems of Digital Cultural Assets (2016 - 2020) is funded by the National Sciences Fund, Competition for financial support of fundamental research – 2016.